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Three trends in the eyes of modern logistics personnel

Date:2022-10-2120 count
With the rapid development of e-commerce, the logistics industry has gradually moved from behind the scenes to the front stage, becoming a battleground for all kinds of capital.

With the rapid development of e-commerce, the logistics industry has gradually moved from behind the scenes to the front stage, becoming a battleground for all kinds of capital. At the forum of "Internet plus New Logistics Pattern" jointly held by Beijing Business Daily and Beishang Research Institute, upstream and downstream enterprises in the logistics industry chain jointly discussed the development of the industry. As a traditional labor-intensive industry, e-commerce, express delivery and traditional retail giants spontaneously talked about the problem of high cost in the logistics industry. In their view, the sharing economy has become a good medicine to improve efficiency and solve cost problems.

Diversified development

During the development of traditional logistics in the past decade, there have been various signs of shell breaking and fission. In recent years, with the development of the Internet and changes in market demand, a diversified development model has emerged.

For traditional logistics enterprises, mode innovation has already become the common choice of the industry. Xu Maohong, general manager of Quanfeng Express in Beijing, believes that the development of express industry will touch more diverse fields in the future. Express enterprises will develop into comprehensive enterprises in the future, and may enter the real estate field such as pension in the form of joint venture, build an O2O ecosystem, and establish a financial sector to solve capital pain points.

He Xiaorong, assistant general manager of Yunda Express in North China, said that the goal of Yunda Express is to build a development model that covers vehicle allocation, vehicle and goods allocation, cloud facilitation, cross-border logistics, intelligent express cabinets and characteristic agricultural products.

Diversified business development mode is not only the inevitable demand after market segmentation, but also the demand of traditional logistics innovation. In the fierce competition environment of the logistics industry, private express enterprises, including Shunfeng, "Three Connections and One Arrival", have started to set foot in the fields of commerce and finance, trying to create a three flow integration of logistics, cash flow and information flow. Deppon, a small truckload logistics giant that started with road freight, has also increased its express business.

Integration and sharing

The repeated construction of infrastructure and network makes logistics enterprises bear heavy burdens in their development, and high costs have become a pain point in the development of logistics industry. It has become a new direction for logistics enterprises to improve logistics efficiency, reduce costs and achieve mutual integration and development through sharing economy.

Cai Jin, Vice President of China Federation of Logistics and Purchasing, said that the first new pattern of "Internet plus Logistics" is a new pattern of integration and development, and simple superposition is not integration. Yin Zhuo, CTO of Receiving Treasure, believes that the cost of intelligent express cabinets is high, and the number of cabinets determines the throughput of goods, so the flexibility and scalability are not enough. Sharing economy makes the marginal cost tend to zero. For the current hot O2O home business, sharing economy becomes the ideal way to solve the distribution problem. Yin Xiaowu, the marketing director of Renren Express, believes that "for O2O projects such as drug Qunar, orders can be delivered by the crowdsourcing platform at ordinary times". A few days ago, Quanfeng Express and Speedade, the O2O freight enterprise in the same city, reached a cooperation to realize the access of vehicles and goods in the same city nationwide, greatly improving the resource utilization of both sides and reducing the comprehensive operating costs.

The idea of sharing economy is to integrate idle resources in society to produce value. With the rise of sharing economy, integrated development will be a pain point for the logistics industry to solve high costs

Crowdsourcing model

Under the wave of "Internet plus", a series of emerging models such as crowdsourcing and intelligent express counter lift began to sprout, and some distribution platforms integrating social idle resources such as Renren Express and Receiving Treasure began to appear.

Yin Xiaowu believes that Renren Express is to use the mode of "Didi Taxi" for express delivery. "In the past, when flowers and cakes were in need of delivery, when they could not afford to support others, they directly issued orders at Renren Express, and we would have many people registered as free couriers around us in advance. As long as the merchant sent out the order, and the free couriers within three kilometers received the order, I grabbed the order directly to the merchant and sent it directly to the consignee." Yuan Miao, Product Procurement Manager of Beijing Caibai E-Commerce Co., Ltd., said that traditional express enterprises have been difficult to meet the demand for the surge of orders during the peak period, and the crowdsourcing model can be regarded as a solution that can achieve part of the order volume and ensure the user experience.

Li Dongqi, president of Shunfeng Commerce, once said in an interview with the Beijing Business Daily that couriers can fully combine with door-to-door community services, "couriers can collect and send consumer laundry and other services, and express enterprises only need to combine with community service providers.". In Li Dongqi's view, Shunfeng has become a strong home service force with more than 200000 couriers.

Logistics towards customization

Sun Duofei, co-founder of the Fifth Avenue Luxury Network

The competition in the logistics industry in the last stage is the competition of development speed, enclosure and development scale, but the next stage is the differentiation, including service improvement. The third party logistics needs to achieve two aspects: first, the merchant stratification, breaking the unified price service model for different merchants; Secondly, customized logistics should be developed to provide appropriate logistics distribution for merchants according to the characteristics of commodities. In logistics distribution, although express delivery service personnel directly contact consumers, sometimes they cannot meet the needs of consumers' experience. On the one hand, this experience is reflected in the delivery of goods, on the other hand, when consumers return or replace goods, the courier cannot quickly handle the return or replacement procedures.

Third party platforms reduce O2O costs

Where to Go, co-founder Nie Fangning

At present, Yaoqunar has signed 150 pharmacies in Beijing, covering the area within the Sixth Ring Road, but only 50 of them are actually operated because of insufficient distribution personnel and transportation capacity. At present, the average salary of Yao Quna Express staff is more than 4000 yuan, 4500-4800 yuan in the daytime and more than 6000 yuan at night. There is still a commission, but recruitment is still difficult. Drugs are special commodities, low frequency but just needed. Compared with takeout, drug delivery needs to be more efficient, especially at night. To maintain consumers, enterprises must invest a large amount of money in night delivery personnel. Through the integrated development of sharing economy, drug and other rigid demand and low-frequency industries can achieve cooperation with other logistics.

Use big data to improve efficiency

Yin Zhuo, CTO of Receiving Treasure

Similar delivery cabinets and self built collection outlets require high costs. For example, the minimum cost of basic express cabinets is about 4000 yuan. However, shopping is not an average behavior, which will produce peaks and valleys. Enterprises should adopt the most flexible and extensible solutions to serve consumers. At present, many aspects of express enterprises are in an unequal state of informatization and technicalization. To improve the overall operation efficiency, enterprises must effectively use data. If only the data is deposited on paper, enterprises have no way to improve operational efficiency through scientific calculation. Efficiency improvement is the improvement of the whole process, and technical connection is essential.

Integrate idle express resources

Yuan Miao, Product Procurement Manager of Caibai E-commerce Co., Ltd

The express industry is now in full bloom. In the case of competition between different modes and operation modes, the drop of express fee is an inevitable trend. Caibai E-commerce's order volume surged during the "Double 11", but faced with the problem of insufficient transport capacity, it is very necessary for the express industry to integrate idle resources. The normal operation of express delivery should be ensured every day. However, during festivals or major events, the key time to reflect the express delivery capacity is how many orders can be handled in a day at most. As a large gold commodity of Caibai, e-commerce has not set foot in this field at present. How to ensure that these large and easily damaged items can be safely and quickly delivered to consumers is the future development direction.

O2O subverts the B2C form of logistics

Jia Jia, Vice President of Rufengda

Sharing economy is inseparable from B2C and O2O. In fact, the majority of consumers began to contact with logistics from B2C. In the past, logistics was bulk logistics, and consumers did not experience much. Self construction and outsourcing are two ways of B2C development, while O2O completely subverts the form of logistics in B2C. At present, with the change of retail environment and consumers' shopping habits, consumers' shopping behavior in the e-commerce era is more fragmented and diversified. Traditional logistics cannot meet the needs of consumers with lean costs. If you want to meet the consumer experience, the logistics operation cost will be high. Rufengda is transforming into O2O, hoping to meet consumer demand at a lower cost.

Sharing economy provides diversified services

Yin Xiaowu, Marketing Director of Renren Express

Renren Express has the Internet economy gene in its bones and is an enterprise brought about by the sharing economy. The couriers in Renren Express's order grabbing mode are all free couriers registered in advance. Gather these people together and let them come directly when there is an order to solve the problem of raising people. Sharing economy provides diversified choices for O2O in the logistics industry. Renren Express started with sending flowers and cakes. Sometimes, it often receives some orders. Consumers send flowers to apologize, but the express also has additional services. The process is not only delivery, but also diversified services.

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