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Toys to Russia LCL

Date:2021-04-1318 count
With rich experience in freight transport to Russia, we provide customers with professional customs clearance and transportation services, formal customs clearance, door-to-door services, and a complete set of formal customs clearance documents.

Our company has always been focusing on Russian customs clearance. We have our own professional customs clearance agencies in St. Petersburg, Moscow and Vladivostok. With our rich experience in Russian freight transport, we provide customers with professional customs clearance and transportation services, regular customs clearance, door-to-door services, and a complete set of regular customs clearance documents.

On the 23rd, Mr. Cheng contacted Yuanhang Express through the Internet and said that he had a contract order from Russia and needed our assistance in customs declaration and delivery.


According to the information provided by the customer, the goods are some electronic, plastic, colored clay, jigsaw puzzle, building blocks, dolls and other toys. As far as we know, toys are human contact, which may require GOST certification. Children's and children's products exported to Russia shall meet the requirements of chemical, biological, mechanical, fire, electricity and heat safety, as well as explosion-proof and radiation safety.

LCL has always been our main product, so our customer service personnel knew the price of LCL in Russia very well and gave it to Mr. Cheng within one minute.

Mr. Cheng was very satisfied with this kind of price, and soon agreed to let us handle this batch of goods. He also said that he would contact us when the goods were ready.

Our company has good relations with customs and law firms in various regions of Russia, ensuring that all kinds of goods can be cleared according to the minimum tariff within the scope permitted by law. In addition, our company will accurately classify the goods and carry out price certification for the goods, striving to achieve the lowest customs clearance price in Russia in the Pearl River Delta region. According to the time required by the customer, the goods will be shipped to all parts of Russia by sea LCL.

Sure enough, three days later, Mr. Cheng called back to say that the goods were ready, and then he booked the shipping space. Our company finally confirmed the detailed information of the goods with the customer, including the name of goods, shipping mark, weight, volume, number of packages, freight, port of departure, port of destination, terms of transport, consignor and consignee. The whole process is very simple. Booking space - delivery - making packing list invoice - arranging container loading and customs declaration - sailing - customs clearance after arrival - delivery.

Only 48 days later, the goods arrived. After receiving the goods in Russia, Mr. Cheng placed an order again a few days later, which shows that he was very satisfied with our service!

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